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Why should I care about how dirty my phone is?

Germs live on all exterior surfaces – especially on your phone. Smartphones carry up to 10 times more bacteria than other surfaces. Your handheld device is your source of communication, connection and organization: as one of your most important day-to-day tools, keeping this essential tool clean is key!


How Is It Effective?

Our original tempered glass formula – crafted with Japanese Asahi glass – is infused with silver ions and cupric nitrate.

These elements are introduced during the tempering process at high heat to infuse antibacterial properties into the glass: it helps kill surface germs while also increasing the strength of the adhesive glass.

Our product is backed by rigorous testing at SGS, a world leader in laboratory testing. In order to simulate the longevity of the anti-bacterial properties, a re-creation of rigorous usage over 3+ years is performed using steel wool prior to the anti-bacterial test. After the abrasion simulation, our product is tested for the anti-bacterial properties. For full transparency, we are happy to share the results with our customers.

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99.6% Prevention Against Surface Bacteria

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Our Best Protector Ever

AG+ Protection

Our tempered glass is infused with Silver Ion (Ag+) and cupric nitrate compounds for antibacterial protection.

Unsurpassed Strength

Infusion of antibacterial compounds also strengthens glass up to 30% more than regular tempered glass.

The Easy-Align Install

Quick and effortless application: Easy-Align applicators included with select models.

iShieldz Anti-Bacterial Screen Protector for iPhone

  • Tempered glass is infused with Silver Ion (Ag+) and cupric nitrate compounds for antibacterial protection 
  • Provides 99.6% prevention against surface bacteria – efficacy lasts up to a year 
  • Infusion of antibacterial compounds also strengthens glass up to 30% more than regular tempered glass 
  • Highest grade material: Japanese Ashai Glass 
  • Screen protection with no loss in touch sensitivity 
  • Quick and effortless application: Easy-Align applicators included with select models 
  • Easy to clean: paired with iShieldz’s Antibacterial Screen wipes, you can clean on-the-go 
  • Lifetime warranty

Available For

iPhone 6/7/8/SE
iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max
iPhone XR/11

iPhone 12 Mini
iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7
iPhone 12/12 Pro 6.1M